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Testing Laboratory

The Chair of Lighting Technology carries out technical light measurements for research purposes and for industrial and political requirements. This includes the measurement and evaluation of general lighting, development, assessment, and product monitoring, as well as special technical solutions for light or radiation and measurements according to DIN, IEC, EN, and ISO.

As a university facility, the test center offers the advantage of being an independent testing institution without the participation of third-party companies. Customers who are not directly involved in lighting technology, but are responsible for procurement of technical lighting equipment, have the possibility to have warranted product properties confirmed by expert opinions.

For technical measurements, the following devices are available:

  • Integral measurement technology from 200 to 4,500 nm
  • Spectral measurement technology from 250 to 2,000 nm
  • Light flux integrators for lamps, lights, and daylight systems
  • Optical bench up to 100 m in length
  • LED measurement technology
  • Calibration devices
  • Daylight measurement technology
  • Measurement devices for material coefficients

The following investigations and measurements are on offer:

Investigation of primary light sources as regards

  • Light flux
  • Luminance density
  • Spatial luminous intensity distribution
  • Light-output ratio
  • Energy efficiency
  • Glare
  • Colorimetric values in diverse color systems
  • Temporal behavior
  • Spectral distribution
  • Photobiological effectivity

Measurement and evaluation of materials

  • In transmission, reflection und absorption
  • Diffusion
  • Determination of further material coefficients
  • Integrally and spectrally resolved
  • Determination of colorimetric values in diverse color systems

Measurement on monitors

  • Temporal behavior
  • Luminance density
  • Color
  • Spectral measurement from 250 nm to 2000 nm


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