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Special Experimental Space


The Chair has various rooms for experimental work and studies on test participants.

For experiments on visual comfort of indoor lighting, as well as non-visual effects of light, a special experimental 20 m² room has been constructed with semitransparent textile walls which are backlit over their entire surface with 1,470 LED tiles. The 10 x 10 cm² tiles radiate warm white and cool white at a 50/50 ratio. By mixing or varying the dim levels, color temperatures between 3,000 K and 6,500 K can be set.

In the height adjustable grid ceiling, 12 special luminaires from the NiviL Project have been included. These consist of warm white, cool white and blue LEDs covering a color temperature range of 2,000 K to 15,000 K; in addition, the blue component can be separately set. This is of great advantage for experiments on non-visual effects. For the NiviL Project, experiments on the influence of spectrum and light intensity on attention and comfort were carried out.

Through the window, participants can see a changeable, artificial, view which offers the effect of depth and variable luminance density. This is made possible by a curved canvas with a radius of 3 m and a height of around 4.5 m. In this set-up, various window systems can be investigated, as can the importance of view and privacy for the comfort of participants. 

Detailed description of the research taking place in connection with the Special Experimental Space can be found here.


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